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Perdiswell Primary School, Worcester

E-Safety Update- Snapchat

30th Jun 2017

Please note that there has been a huge update to Snapchat and this now shows where the users are at any time. It uses GPS to precisely pinpoint on a map where users are and it is constantly updated. Please be aware that the age for Snapchat is 13+ and children’s personal phones should be monitored regularly.

As locations can be shared, there is a potential risk to the children as they can be tracked down. The map shows exactly where they are. All somebody would need to know is the child's username, and for them to accept their friend request to be able to access this information. This is often easily found online. 

Children will be represented with a Bitmoji (a small animated character). This will also share their uploaded snaps to the 'Our Story' section so that anyone will be able to access the pictures. If you don't want the location to be shared, you can set up "Ghost Mode".

To turn on Ghost Mode: Open Snapchat onto the camera screen. Pinch inward on this screen as if you're trying to make it smaller. 

You'll then be taken to the map screen. Click on the Bitmoji and the settings will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click there and turn on 'Ghost Mode'. This will turn the Bitmoji into a silhouette of the character.

I urge you to check your child's setting to check that they are visiting appropriate apps and websites and that you are monitoring who they are talking to online. 

Mr Bradley

(This update was effective from the 21st June.)